The Importance of Shopping Locally

During this crazy pandemic, more than ever our local merchants and farmers are relying on community support to ensure their survival. Even though the government has created funding and measures to support those in need, our local businesses are feeling the pain from mandatory closures and the inability to compete in the digtial era against giants such as Amazon and Walmart. 

e-Townships will help provide additional visibility to our merchants and local producers and ensure shopping locally is enjoyable and simple. The community can discover all of our local gems and resources in one convenient location. 
Everytime you make a purchase locally, you are supporting a business, a family member, a friend and that person in turn will do the same. 

In times like these, we need to stick together and support our resources and our community. Enjoy you experience and know that we will keep you posted on the amazing products and services that the Eastern Townships has to offer. We will also be sure to hunt down items to keep a full collection for your needs. 


Thank you for shopping locally!